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Tales from The Social Club: Hot Chocolate, Cold Night

Meeting Date and Time: Tuesday, February 6, 2024 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Meeting Location: Martha’s Country Bakery, 263 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Website of the Meeting Place:

After a restful holiday break, The Social Club resumed with familiar faces on a seasonably cold February night. 

The Social Club Group Photo
The Social Club Group Photo

I ordered some delicious hot chocolate and cheesecake. The bakery has a lot of background noise so I used headphones and earplugs to lower the noise. We played a game of Go Fish. The most remarkable thing about these cards is how closely the card colors resembled the colors used on the Kate Libby Coaching logo. I asked Juliette, one of our group co-leaders, about this and she said this is pure coincidence. Perhaps, we should consider making Go Fish the official card game of Kate Libby Coaching.  

We also played a card game where we asked icebreaker questions about each other such as “What would you do if you were rich?”. This question sparked interesting political conversation about spending money in politics and important societal topics. We do not discuss politics all the time but when we do the group leaders make sure that the conversations are respectful. We then make a decision collaboratively on whether or not to change the topic so it does not become the primary focus of the group.  

After the meeting was over, I proceeded to spend part of my commute home with our 2 group leaders (Juliette and Frankie), and some of the fellow members. We had a nice conversation on the way home.


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