I'm Kate.

I'm a Creative, a Cook, and a Life Coach.

I LOVE helping other people achieve their goals in a creative, sometimes unorthodox way. Whether we’re working in the kitchen, on your budget or at your school, I’m here to help you achieve the confidence you want! 
I love connecting people. I’m great at finding the resources you need to feel successful and free from that anxiety that comes along with leaving school and becoming an adult. And whether you’re finishing high school, in college or simply plugging along in your life, I’m confident I can help you take your life to the next level, achieve your goals and feel at home in your new adult self.
When I’m not at work, I love drinking coffee, playing with my dog and spending sunny days in my garden. My fave summer city activity is hanging with friends on Governor’s Island. What’s yours? - Let me know. I read ALL of my emails myself. 
- Graduate of the AANE (Aspergers/Autism Network) LifeMAP coaching program
- MPS from Pratt Institute in Art Therapy and Creativity Development
- BA from Stetson University in French with minors in Art and American Studies