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KLC classes are taught by our Life Skills Coaches and designed to be engaging, supportive and tailored to your specific learning style. Classes are customizable and can be adapted to your unique goals and interests. They can be taken individually, in dyads or in small cohorts.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch so we can work together to design a class that’s right for you.

Game On

Game on is an engaging game boarding class where you'll learn valuable skills such as critical thinking, socialization, and problem-solving. Our class offers a variety of games, including board games, card games, and strategy games, providing a supportive environment to improve skills and connect with others.

Mastering Independence

In Mastering Independence, our Life Skills Coaches will guide you through creative techniques to identify your passions and values, and help you define practical steps to achieve your personal goals. The class can be tailored to cover a range of focus areas, while providing a framework for tracking progress and adjusting goals along the way.

Budgeting for Independence

Budgeting for Independence will teach you how to manage your expenses effectively to build financial independence. You will learn how to identify important spending areas, track your expenses, balance your budget, evaluate your purchases, and align your spending with your values.

Kitchen Confidence

Kitchen Confidence is a practical cooking class that helps adults gain fundamental skills and knowledge to lead a healthy and independent lifestyle. The experienced instructors guide participants from meal planning and grocery shopping to cooking nutritious meals, empowering them with the confidence and independence they need to cook with ease and enjoyment.

Real World Readiness

Real World Readiness is a class that focuses on developing executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, working memory, impulse control, and time management. With the help of life skills coaches, participants engage in real-world scenarios to build practical skills and increase accountability.

Communicating Through Art

Communicating Through Art uses visual, musical, and written art forms to teach self-reflection, communication, and creativity in a practical and accessible way. By tapping into the non-verbal side of communication, this class aims to help students improve their relationships with themselves and others, and enrich their daily life.

Classes may be eligible for coverage through the OPWDD Self Direction program.

Reading in Library
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