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The Mindset for Executive Function

Transform your life with executive function support.

Are you feeling stuck, struggling with procrastination, or yearning for more control in your life? Unleash your full potential with The Mindset for Executive Function. Our skills-based class is meticulously designed to empower you to craft a life that truly works for you.

Executive Function Coaching

Individual Weekly Sessions
When: Open enrollment
Duration: 1-2 hour classes
Frequency: 1-3 classes per week
Location: Virtual or In-Person


Executive Function Coaching

The Mindset for Executive Function takes a unique approach, connecting you with a coach to work one-on-one to dive deep into how your brain operates. We explore your individual thinking patterns, information processing methods, and recall mechanisms. By understanding your unique way of navigating the world, we can offer fully customized strategies tailored to your specific needs and strengths.

Areas of Focus
  • Clearly Define Personal and Professional Goals and Values: Align your life with your aspirations.

  • Enhance Focus and Reduce Distractions: Master techniques to stay on track and boost productivity.

  • Get Organized: Conquer chaos and bring order to your daily routines.

  • Develop Skills to Prioritize Tasks: Make informed decisions and manage your time effectively.

  • Strengthen Motivation and Follow-Through: Overcome procrastination and achieve your goals.

  • Cultivate Emotional and Energetic Bandwidth: Harness emotional intelligence and energy for a more sustainable life.

Depending on availability, the Mindset for Executive Function can be taken individually or in a dyad or small group. The class duration and frequency are set during our intake process as we work together to customize the final plan based on your goals.

Kate Libby Coaching prioritizes making our programming accessible to all.
Financial assistance may be available. Please inquire.
Embrace a sustainable life tailored to your strengths and needs. Join The Mindset for Executive Function.
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