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The Mindset for Work Success

Coaching and peer support for job seekers

Are you seeking more meaningful employment or a career change? Discover a transformative journey with The Mindset for Work Success, a class is tailored to adults dissatisfied with their current employment situation or who often find themselves underemployed.

Our program is broken up into two sections: Coaching and Labs. 
Casual Meeting
Work Success Coaching

At Kate Libby Coaching, we believe in the power of the whole person. Our customized approach begins with working one-on-one with your coach to understand your unique strengths, challenges, thought processes, and career goals. We adapt our strategies to fit you, making this class truly one-of-a-kind. 

Areas of Focus
  • Clearly Define Professional Goals and Values: Find where your interests and skills intersect and align your career with your values.

  • Strengthen Resume Writing and Interview Skills: Learn how to present yourself professionally and get your application noticed.

  • Build Relationships at Work: Learn the art of collaboration and create a supportive work environment.

  • Reduce Stress Throughout the Application and Interview Process: Learn grounding techniques to help you navigate job hunting with confidence and poise.

Work Success Labs
Join our weekly Labs where you’ll meet with other job seekers to practice professionalism and learn networking skills. Labs are an opportunity to put your skills into action so that you and your coach can adapt the strategies you're learning to your real-life experience.
Expect to play an active role in group sessions! 
  • Learn fun and engaging conversation starters
  • Collaborate on brainstorming boards focusing on skill-building and goal-setting 
  • Pair up to develop resumes and practice interview techniques
  • Give + receive feedback and encouragement from peers
Labs run in 10-week sessions. See below for open sessions.
Office Meeting

Currently Enrolling

Customized Coaching

Individual weekly sessions
When: Open enrollment
Time: 1-2 hours/wk
Location: Virtual
Class size: 1 participant


Kate Libby Coaching prioritizes making our programming accessible to all.
Financial assistance may be available. Please inquire.
Join The Mindset for Work Success class and unlock your true potential. Let us help you find the meaningful employment you've been searching for.
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