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The Mindset for Communication

Unlock the Power of Connection with The Mindset for Communication!

Colorful Friends

About the Class:

Are social situations a challenge for you? Do you long for more meaningful connections but feel overwhelmed by anxiety? Discover a transformative journey with The Mindset for Communication. This class is designed to help you strengthen essential social skills, boost confidence, and connect authentically with others.


The Mindset for Communication takes a customized approach that delves into authenticity in interpersonal connection. Working one-on-one with your coach, we explore your individual thinking patterns, information processing methods, and how you present yourself in the world. By understanding your unique goals and interpersonal values, we can offer fully customized strategies tailored to your specific needs and strengths.

Join our weekly Labs where you’ll meet with peers to connect with others pursuing similar goals. Labs are an opportunity to put your skills into action so that you and your coach can adapt the strategies you're learning to your real life experience. 


Learning Outcomes:


  • Define Personal Values: Clarify what truly matters to you in interpersonal relationships.

  • Build Fluency in Interpersonal Settings: Develop the skills to navigate social situations with ease.

  • Increase Resiliency and Flexibility: Adapt and bounce back from social challenges.

  • Refine Social Skills: Enhance your abilities in both individual and group settings.

  • Cultivate Emotional and Energetic Bandwidth: Expand your emotional intelligence and energy to thrive in social settings.


Join The Mindset for Communication and unlock the potential for deeper, more authentic connections in your life.


Classes are person-centered and enrollment is ongoing. Duration and frequency can be adapted to individual needs, attention and availability.


The Mindset for Communication Class: $200/hr

Typically classes are 1-1.5 hours and take place 1-2 times per week. 


The Mindset for Communication Lab: $100/hr 

Labs are 2 hours and take place weekly.

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