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Tales from The Social Club: Slime, Sound, and So Long

Meeting Date and Time: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Meeting Location: 475 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Website Link:  Sloomoo Institute

Wow, the excitement. Where to begin? I wish I could say the excitement and enthusiasm that dominated this meetup were mine, but that would not be true. This was a pretty challenging event for me to attend (more about that soon). The unmistakable delight I’m referring to belonged to a specific group of people there that were really pumped up to see Slime, and that was the children. The Sloomoo Institute (or Slime Museum) was full of children. Unfortunately, for me, the children made a lot of noise (not that I blame them for that) and that, combined with loud music, really hurt my ear drums as I have ultra sensitive hearing. Not even wearing my noise canceling headphones and earplugs were enough to lower the noise to a level I was comfortable with. 

I wouldn’t recommend this venue for those with noise sensitivity. However, there were aspects of it that others enjoyed, including the unique sensory experience of the slime itself, something both kids and adults can get excited about and have fun with.

Sloomoo Institute consisted of just about every form of Slime you could imagine. We all made our own slime, and started by creating our slime name by replacing every vowel in our names with oo (so my name of Shane corresponds to a slime name of Shoonoo which is surprisingly close to the name of the Institute itself: Sloomoo). Sticking a piece of slime to a slime wall was also an interesting experience. 

Wall of Slime
Wall of Slime

We were able to select our own slime type (some examples are Cloud Creme (which I chose), Icee, and Snow Fiz), and then select a color (I chose to keep my slime its original color white), scent (some examples are Christmas Tree (which I chose), Cheesecake, and Coconut), and 3 toppings (I chose none). The toppings could be used to decorate the slime (for example, sprinkles could be used to decorate slime much in the same way they are used to decorate a birthday cake the only difference being the slime sprinkles are not edible). The slime felt wet and had a squishy texture. A couple of TSC members had a good time walking across the Slime.

TSC Members Walking on Slime
TSC Members Walking on Slime

This event was also sad for me as it was the last outing for one of our co-group leaders, Frankie. That being said, I do have to emphasize some positives here. Through a discussion with Frankie, I learned a key lesson about writing. He introduced me to the concept of recency bias. Recency bias is defined as a person remembering most vividly the last thing that happened to them. In literature, this would be the final sentence. For this blog, the goal of my final sentence would be that you would come back to the Kate Libby Coaching website to read the next blog entry.

As to the conclusion of this event, Frankie shared something I found to be notable. For that, I will refer back to my prior blog entry: Tales of The Social Club: Puntastic! In that blog entry, I mentioned that one of the prizes Frankie had won playing a card game where Puns were guessed and created was that he could pick a future Social Club event. Considering that this is Frankie’s last event, you might think he would have revealed his pick right then and there but that is not what happened. Instead he left that a mystery and said he would be phoning in his idea to our group co-leader, Juliette, when we least expect it. When that event is revealed, rest assured, I will be sure to let you know in this blog. Stay tuned!


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