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Fresh + Quick Favorites

Your faves, made easy, at home!

Join us for a Kitchen Confidence class that's all about your favorite go-to meals. Learn time and energy-saving techniques to make cooking a more enjoyable part of your routine!  

Fresh + Quick Favorites

In this beginner-level group class, you will learn how to make some of your favorite meals quickly, with fresh, readily-available ingredients. Each week, you will prepare a dish that you can take to eat at home that night or for lunch the next day.
Each week you will learn
How to use fresh ingredients to make a favorite, quick meal.
How to prep additional servings of each meal to have for the week or to freeze for the future.
Sample Class Recipes
  • Pasta
  • Roasted Chicken Breast, 2 ways
  • Burgers + Meatballs
  • Make Your Own Big Salad
  • Pizza + your choice of toppings
  • And more!
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Fresh + Quick Favorites

6- Class Group | Beginner
When: February 26-April 1
Time: Mondays 3-4:30p​
Location: Brooklyn
Class size: 4-6 participants


Are you ready to master your favorites?
Kate Libby Coaching prioritizes making our programming accessible to all. 
Financial assistance may be available. Please inquire.

Questions?  Send us an email:
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