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Kate Libby Coaching is all about helping young adults find their way through the tricky phase that happens as you leave adolescence and embark into adulthood.
Whether you’re a high schooler preparing for life after graduation or a young adult trying to navigate “the real world” or a parent doing your best to walk the fine line between supporting and enabling, we've got your back! Let us help you feel relief from the anxiety that accompanies budding independence.

You don’t have to go it alone. 
Children 4-7
How does it work?
Our life skills coaches provide hands-on support for young adults, working directly with clients and their families to define what success looks like for each individual. Then we take concrete steps to reach your goals and realize success. This can take many different forms:
  • Grocery shopping and cooking lessons
  • Setting up schedules and time management skills
  • Art-making to find passion and direction
  • Family meetings
  • Budgeting
  • Strengthening interpersonal relationships
  • Navigating new relationships with parents as an adult
  • Fostering college preparedness and study habits
  • Meeting with college counselors
What really makes the biggest difference in the lives of our clients is the work we do out in the community. Get ready to get out of the office because we’ll be putting your goals to work out in the real world. Whether we’re at a MeetUp event getting to know new people or in the grocery store gathering ingredients for an easy dinner, your coach will be there each step of the way to support you.
Kate Libby Coaching specializes in working with young adults on the autism spectrum and those with similar profiles.
Want to to know more?


When I met Kate I was 27 or 28, I was in a very bad state to the point that I was consistently feeling that I could not achieve anything: and when I say anything I mean anything. We started working together, and she started easing my problems into solutions and still does. When it comes to someone who you really want on your team and step up to bat for you, Kate Libby is awesome. 


- Jonathan, Diagnosed with autistm & ADHD, age 30



Kate's cooking classes were a boost to the self-esteem of my 15-year-old son. He took pride in his ability to follow instructions, shop for healthy ingredients, learn to use cooking utensils properly and cook and enjoy what he made.  Kate asked for input to help select entrees that the kids would enjoy and at the same time expanded their palettes by including vegetables and spices.  Special attention was paid to celebrate my son's birthday by cooking his favorites, cheesecake & fettuccine alfredo!  Thanks for the wonderful summer. Looking forward to learning more!

- Rebecca, Mother of 15-yr old​


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