Cooking Together
Cooking Together

Cooking Together
Cooking Together


Confidence Through Cooking



Young Adults 21+

5-Week Summer Series

Thursdays 4-6pm, August 1-29

Long Island City, Queens

Early Bird rated through July 20: $550

Full tuition: $600



  • Learn basic kitchen skills 

  • Create delicious and healthy meals

  • Build confidence and communication skills

  • Practice social skills

  • Make new friends

If the thought of cooking seems overwhelming and out of reach, the idea of cooking for yourself, let alone someone else, might bring up feelings of anxiety and isolation. You are not the only one who feels this way. But cooking is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success and help you grow your community. The Creative Kitchen is first and foremost about confidence. It’s also about creating a safe space to meet new people and learn an important life skill—cooking. If you feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can nourish yourself physically and also emotionally, and the confidence you build will carry over to other parts of your life as well. Cooking involves a range of skills: planning, organizing and time management to name a few. But it also involves the senses and bringing pleasure to yourself and those around you. The aroma of sizzling garlic and onions wafting from your sautée pan is enough to impress but imagine taking those flavors and crafting a delicious meal that you feel proud of, a dish that nourishes your body and ignites your senses, a dish that you can share with friends.

The Creative Kitchen is designed to make mastery in the kitchen accessible, social and fun! In the program, you’ll learn culinary techniques and delicious recipes, but more importantly, it’s designed to help you meet new people, feel confident in yourself and connect to those around you.

We invite you to join us in The Creative Kitchen! Send us an email
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This was an extremely good cooking class. What I liked about the class is that I was able to learn the necessary and essential cooking skills to be able to make a variety of different dishes. The class was very hands-on and extremely organized. All individuals in it got to do different things to expand their cooking abilities and repertoire.

- Mark, Diagnosed with Aspergers, 28

The Creative Kitchen