Today, more and more parents are struggling with how to support their children who lack confidence, feel overwhelmed by school or experience anxiety on a daily basis.


Art making offers a safe way to practice taking risks and overcome fears of failure; it helps children work out difficult feelings by expressing them visually. Through the creative process, children learn to trust themselves as they build confidence in their ability to succeed.


Individual and group Creative Arts Sessions support students by helping them to connect and feel energized instead of worried about school, failure or conflict at home. Student use paint, collage and clay to:

  • build confidence

  • experience relief from anxiety

  • strengthen focusing skills

  • build both verbal and nonverbal interpersonal skills.

Family Art Night reinforces these skills as family members are invited to get playful together and experience each other in a supportive, safe environment.

If you have a sense of urgency to support your child's academic, social or emotional growth, let us join you on this journey so that you can feel relief from that anxiety and be energized and joyful with your family.


We invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to see how Libby Creative Arts can help support you and your family.

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