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Sizzling Start to The Creative Kitchen

On Monday night, The Creative Kitchen launched its fall cooking class for young adults. With a colorful array of veggies, participants practiced important knife skills, laying the foundation for confidence in the kitchen. It's easy to feel intimidate by a large chef's knife when using one for the first time. A combination of focus and fine motor skills are very important to working safely while chopping up ingredients. Last night we practiced chopping and slicing carrots, bell peppers, onions and garlic, aiming for a uniform size so the ingredients would cook evenly. But most importantly, we were getting to know and becoming comfortable with the knife.

Breaking each step down into bite-sized pieces, the class prepped all of their ingredients so they'd be ready for the fast-pace of stir fry cooking. Two important rules: 1. Start with a very hot pan. 2. Don't overcrowd. Working in batches, participants stir fried chicken, then veggies and aromatics, finally combining everything with a homemade stir fry sauce.

As the group gathered around the table in the beautiful Coco-Mat loft in Soho, The colorful plates matched the delicious aroma in the air. Sharing the collaborative meal created the opportunity for everyone to connect, get to know each other and reflect on their first Creative Kitchen experience.

Skills used:

- Time management

- Knife skills

- Cooperation

There's still time to join this group! Young adults ages 20-35 should contact Kate at for more information.

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