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Summer in the City?

It's that time of year again. Schools are winding down just as quickly as the temperature is rising. It's summertime! What do you have planned this summer to keep your kids active and learning outside of the classroom?

Summer Lake

For children with Asperger's it can be a challenge to stay active and engaged with their social community without the consistency of school. Summer camps can be a great option, allowing your child to go away and have fun with new experiences away from home. But if your child isn't ready for sleep-away camp, Libby Creative Arts has a couple of options that are fun and engaging while supporting executive functioning, social and life skills that will help your child in school and beyond!

The Summer Kitchen is an 8-week cooking class where students (ages 12-16) will learn basic kitchen skills in the fun, relaxed environment of a small group. Meal planning and grocery shopping foster life skills that may seem difficult to teach at home. By building autonomy in the kitchen, your child will gain the confidence to help them take risks and master new skills in other areas. By cooking and eating together, participants practice social skills in a safe environment where they can support each other while mastering culinary techniques together.

Kids Hiking

Explore Your World Summer Hiking Series is an 8-week adventure program for boys (ages 12-16) where your child will learn outdoor and survival skills. In small groups, participants will plan hiking trips, learn outdoor safety and skills (map reading, tracking, identifying plant and wildlife) and participate in hikes in and around the Hudson River Valley. Let the therapeutic beauty of the great outdoors support and teach your child to be adaptable and help them to build to confidence to overcome any obstacle in life.

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