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Seeing Your Vision

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you could taste it? That kind of drive is what makes things happen. And when you put what you want most in your life out into the universe, you are taking the first step in making it materialize.

For visual thinkers, vision boards make sense to me. If you can literally see what it is you're working towards, you are more likely to be motivated to keep going. If you can make desires that seem outlandish more concrete, you make achieving them that much more realistic.

At Studio Night this week, we'll be working with collage materials. I invite you to join us and consider giving form to your vision!

Thursday, March 10th 6-8pm Studio Night is a social event where you get to make art and hang out with cool people. No experience or talent necessary. Art materials are provided, and your friends are invited. This is a donation-based event.

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