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Do you have a tribe?

Over the past month I have had the wonderful fortune of meeting a number of amazing and powerful women who have inspired me in very important ways. Together, these women have reminded me of how essential it is to have community.

So how do you do it? How to you find your tribe?

The longer I stay in New York, the more it becomes apparent that you have to be intentional about finding your tribe and building community. This is how you sustain yourself in a city where it is possible to be surrounded by thousands yet completely alone. You have to look for it, be open to it, and also, tell the Universe you are longing for community.

But your tribe cannot come into your life if there is no space. You might need to shed some old relationships that are no longer serving you. Or maybe you need to make space by prioritizing yourself instead of overcommitting. When you give yourself time, and pause for a moment, you have the opportunity to be aware of and welcome in new opportunities. By being intentional about building your community and making space for it in your life, little by little, you will find yourself amongst your tribe, your friend family, the group that loves you and inspires you. And that is when the growing is definitely worth the falling apart.

If you are ready to be intentional about building community and inviting space into your life, I’d love to connect with you and share your journey. Let's talk about how I can support you as you explore your inner self, your Sacred Space, through art making so that you can be ready for that community and feel fulfilled and abundant in your every-day life. Get in touch with me

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