Reiki is a Japenese form of healing that transmits 'Universal Life Energy' from practitioner to receiver through gentle touch. The high vibrational energy of Reiki removes blockages and releases impurities in the energetic body and serves to restore a natural state of balance and flow. Colors, sensations, and dream-like imagery often emerge during reiki treatments. Art making before and after Reiki healing can point the way towards a greater understanding of where you may be stuck and needing to shift. 





Libby Creative Arts is now hosting Reiki + Art Workshops! Reiki + Art sessions are designed for individuals who are seeking new ways to experience healing and self-understanding. In this workshop, you will process your experience through painting, drawing, and collage.

Join us April 9th 4-7pm

for an afternoon of Reiki, Art and Community.

Individual sessions
available by appointment.
285 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
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