Evening of Grace discussion topics:

  • What is Grace?

  • How do you respond from Grace?

  • Importance of building a Grace list?

  • Who do we easily give Grace to?

  • When is it most difficult to bestow Grace?

  • How does bestowing Grace effect ourselves and those we love?

  • What are the benefits experienced by all in our world as we bestow Grace upon them?

  • Where are YOU on your own GRACE list, and how can you move yourself to the top of your list?

  • Tools and practices to walk in Grace daily

Saturday March 19th 4-6pm

In a previous and parallel life, Selina Maitreya was and is a highly regarded consultant to commercial photographers worldwide. A published author of 2 best-selling books and global lecturer, Selina has for the past 30+ years guided Creatives to form deeper vision and refine their inner spirit.


Prior to and concurrent to her coaching career for the last 30 + years, Selina has been a spiritual student studying  many philosophies, and spiritual practices.  Drawn to the simple yet powerful idea that We Are All ONE; that our natural inheritance is LOVE, and that our actions affect not only us but every single energy entity, Selina began to live her life as her practice. Committed to responding from one of the many faces of LOVE to life’s many challenges, gifts and experiences Selina’s began to live what she now calls:  Practical Spirituality. Selina realized that regardless of external circumstances as she responded to life through one of the many faces of love;kindness, gratitude, grace, compassion, wisdom and tolerance she was creating a life that was peaceful and abundant, relationships that were rich and meaningful. 

In the summer of 2013 Selina experienced a life changing experience., that reinforced the value of all the work that she had done to live in LOVE.. About to sell her house of 20 years and begin a new life in NYC Selina’s car was hit by another.  Due to the  automobile event, Selina was left severely impaired and brain damaged, unable to live her life amongst others for several months. Not knowing how she was to move into her new  life or earn a living Selina continued to feel blessed, and was never concerned for her fate. While she was unable to hold conversation or use her brain for tasks, for more then a few hours a day, she was left  in a position where constant  meditation and rest were required. During this time she was visited continuously by Spirit. Messages were downloaded daily and she was informed that her life was shifted forever.She knew that her lifelong role as “Teacher” was about to take another turn. Knowing that her practice of responding to all from LOVE, was the reason for her total certainty and lack of striving during a life changing event Selina became committed then and there to being a spiritual teacher helping others to respond to life as love, and build lives guided by PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY.

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