Are you a Psychologist, a Teaching Artist, a Creative Arts Therapist, a Yogi or other type of healer? Do you want to build a thriving practice that empowers your clients and supports a sustainable lifestyle for you? This dream is one hundred percent attainable! The key is staying centered on your practice, inviting the support you need to grow, and taking action steps to create the abundance you so deserve.


The Creative Coaching program is designed to help you build or strengthen your business in a way that monetizes your gifts in an authentic way while staying aligned with your vision and mission. Healing practitioners can and deserve to live in abundance. Physical Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Yogis.... anyone whose practice stems from a soul-centered desire to help individuals care for themselves by tending to their body and mind will benefit from this hands-on approach to building an abundant business.



Through art, writing and self-reflection practices, you will get to the root of what your true purpose is. What motivates your work? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why is your practice worth pursuing? What impact do you want to have on the world? Dream big, and we will build the concrete steps to get you there.

Ready to embrace the journey and

invite abundance into your practice?​

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